Frequently  Asked Questions 

Compocity is designed for indoor spaces – offices, public institutions or let's say schools.


As opposed to traditional composting which happens at a high temperature for a longer time, we use lower temperature and our friendly microorganisms quicken the process

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Why should I compost?

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Way too often, food waste ends up in communal waste but that's the worst thing that can happen because all that useful scrap turns into methane.

With that in mind, composting is not an option, it's a necessity to protect our planet.

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How can I have a CompoBot?

We are taking a B2B approach and partner up with corporations. Our state-of-the-art indoor composting solution, CompoBot is planned to be available from Q1 2023. Pre-registration for the upcoming limited edition of our eco-friendly

eco-robots is open.


What's CompoMIX?

The compost material made by the CompoBot is called CompoMIX. It is not yet humus, but a fermented catalyst rich in nutrients, and easy to mix with soil. Its texture, smell, and appearance is determined by what’s in the CompoBot, so it’s sometimes more acidic, sometimes more alkaline, and sometimes more grainy than usual. Once you’re done, you don’t have to be scared if it’s covered in white, fluffy mold, that’s a good sign.

What's CompoTEA?

CompoTEA, a natural by-product of the CompoBot's fermentation process, can be utilised many ways depending on the dilution ratio.


In its concentrated and diluted form, several beneficial purposes can be achieved from a natural cleaning agent when used on a plant nutrient solution or just as an organic spray. It promotes the growth, flowering and ripening of plants, strengthens the roots and makes the plants more resistant to pests.

How Can I Use the CompoMIX?

If you don't need it, we will transport it to an urban spaece that does. Nearby community gardens, city parks or raised bed gardens will love it.

With the pilot behind our back, we're currently elaborating our compost logistics model.

Tropical Leaves

What can I put into CompoBot?

CompoBot loves almost everthing – except for liquids. Just to say a few examples:

  • fruits, peels

  • veggies

  • exotic fruits

  • tea leaves

  • coffee grounds

  • eggshells

What happens with CompoMIX?

We offer several solutions to our clients:

  • tree planting

  • collabs with urban green spaces

  • raised bed gardens

  • bee pasture

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Where's the gamification?

Our application completes the Compocity ecosystem. Communities can choose tailor-made challenges to grow more sustainable together along the way.

The app helps you keep track of your impact and receive news of when you make a plant happy.

Do I get data reports?

Our app collects data around the clock so that we can measure your impact properly.

We can export your data through regularly to support your corporate CSR endeavors, or to help you achieve SDG, COP26, UN Global Compact and other sustainability objectives.

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