Frequently  Asked Questions 

Compocity is designed to fit in an office, school, institution hall, or condominium, or even in your apartment. Friendly microorganisms can effectively help us at room temperature, so when choosing the final installation location of the device, make sure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight (eg near a window), and avoid placing near heat sources and radiators.  The process heats up to a maximum of 40-45 degrees Celsius, so you don’t have to worry about heat effects, but you can slow it down or sabotage it if you move away from it due to external influences. 

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The capsule size and consumable containers were aligned. The capacity of the replaceable capsule is approx. 40l, which is estimated to be 50 l in terms of capacity due to the precipitation of moisture from the continuous waste. The finished CompoMIX can be expected to weigh approximately 18-22 kg. If you want to store the compost and use it for your own purposes, please plan for temporary storage of the capsules. We will provide you with all the tools to do this.

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barátságos mikroorganizmus.png
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How can I have a CompoBot?

We are taking a B2B approach and partner up with corporations. Our state-of-the-art indoor composting solution, the CompoBot is planned to be available from Q4 2022. Pre-registration for the upcoming limited edition of our eco-friendly eco-robots is open.


What's the CompoMIX?

The compost material made by the CompoBot is called CompoMIX. It is not yet humus, but a fermented catalyst rich in nutrients, and easy to mix with soil. Its texture, smell, and appearance is determined by what’s in the CompoBot, so it’s sometimes more acidic, sometimes more alkaline, and sometimes more grainy than usual. Once you’re done, you don’t have to be scared if it’s covered in white, fluffy mold, that’s a good sign. In the app you will find help on where you can best utilise the pre-compost based on its composition.

What's CompoTEA?

CompoTEA, a natural by-product of the CompoBot's fermentation process, can be utilised in a number of ways depending on the dilution ratio. In its concentrated and diluted form, several beneficial purposes can be achieved from a natural cleaning agent when used on a plant nutrient solution or just as an organic spray. It promotes the growth, flowering and ripening of plants, strengthens the roots and makes the plants more resistant to pests. It contains microorganisms and substances dissolved from compost, which is excellent as a soil and plant conditioner.

How Can I Use the CompoMIX?

If you don't need it, we will transport it to someone who does. Nearby community gardens or city parks will love it and this way you can also reduce costs and increase environmental impact.

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How can I join missions?

All of our communities receive missions to increase engagement, and you can complete them easily with the help of the CompoBot.

Disposal of food waste

Among others, you can feed the CompoBot the following waste:

  • fruits, peels

  • veggies

  • exotic fruits

  • tea leaves

  • coffee grounds

  • eggshells

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Pre-compost treatment

After closing the door, the sluice system delivers the waste into the capsule, where it receives the microorganism solution, flattens the material, creating a special pre-compost mixture, CompoMIX. It then measures its weight and transmits the measurement data to the cloud.


Compocity's electronics calculate points based on the weight and send them to the app via a WiFi network. This allows you to take part in various missions and games.

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Compost capsules

The central element of the CompoBot is the compost capsule, which can be lifted out of the device in case it's full - and stored for later use - and the replacement capsule can be inserted.

CompoTEA container

At the foot of the device there is a sliding door behind which is the CompoTEA container.



Part of the Compocity Ecosystem is an application; with built-in educational content and gameplay elements to help you track processes and reward the right use of your product. You can track your own progress with your Urban Hero character, or take part in a game based on the nutrient content of your CompoMIX.


The CompoBot measures the weight of the capsule after each throw and calculates how many Hero Points you will be rewarded based on the weight difference. After earning points, you can add the points you earn to the missions currently available in the app.

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Based on your contribution, you can earn various recognition badges for meeting predefined milestones.


There is also a simpler game in the app, which you can find under the “My Forest” tab. Here you can create the ecosystem you have dreamed of on maps of different regions. You can place either badges or plants for points as you like.