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tailored for office communities


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Automated data tracking and image-based compost quality recognition

Measurements takendirectly
at your location


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Odorless and noiseless operation

Low energy consumption 


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Minimal footprint thanks to environmentally friendly design and recycled materials


our advantages

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B2C approach

Significantly lower capacity

High energy consumption

No data reporting

No service

No compost logistics

Available solutions

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Compocity ecosystem

B2B solution

Energy efficient

Real-time data monitoring

Community building app

Stylish, yet sustainable design

End-to-end service

Compost utilization locally

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Fun & live Impact data

The app is a cornerstone of our ecosystem, made for your community with love.

We also provide regular impact reports to support corporate sustainability goals.



For an upfront one-time fee, we deliver

  • Ecosystem membership

  • Customization and installation of your CompoBots*

  • Materials for your internal communications

  • Workshop for your community

Service entry

Weekly service and Client care

  • All-around operation & maintenance of your CompoBots & the App

  • Eco-ethical compost utilisation (on-site or off-site organised planting events)

  • Data tracking & monthly impact reports

recurring service

impact of
a single

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ződ paca.png
piros paca 50.png

728 kg

of fermented
organic waste

ződ paca50.png

4.368 kg

of avoided emission
of CO2e



newly planted trees
in local areas

eco-condcious user
reached daily


URBAN Planting

What happens to the collected soil food?

It's the final and vital part of our service to deliver it to urban green spaces where plants truly need it. And we keep you informed about this.

one tree planted event BP máriássy-23042023-279 (1).jpg
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