Our team

Emese Pancsa
Co-Founder, CEO

I dedicated myself to design a supportive solution for city dwellers so that they can sustain themselves. It increases their quality of life by a simple, fun and gamified daily routine by using our service.


Zsuzsanna Farkas
Co-Founder, COO – CFO


After founding, developing and operating an innovative industrial IT company for more than 20 years, now I try to pass on my knowledge and experience as a co-founder and consultant.

Dániel Patkós
UX / UI Designer

As a fresh graduate designer, I am always interested in innovative, unique solutions. I trust that my knowledge can help Compocity become a successful product.

Dávid Debreceni
Software Developer Engineer

As an electrical engineer with software development skills I can control and guide the data management on the hardware side and implement it in the gamified educational context.

Máté Brezovcsik
Product Design Engineer

Applying the holistic approach of product design starting with the research of user-product interaction, then the ergonomical and technological development I’m participating in various types of design tasks.

Bálint Szarvas
Marketing and Sales Manager

I joined Compocity to support the pilot phase, in which I liaise with potential partners and customers, also initiating the sales processes.