Our team

Emese Pancsa
CEO, founder and inventor

Her responsibility:

As a designer, I take an integral part in all creative design and execution tasks, from design to application development.

I want to give the opportunity to urban people to participate in the transformation we are creating foundations for a more vibrant future. LIve in a greener city, in a healthy environment, with quality food!


Zsuzsanna Farkas
business consultant, mentor, engineer



Business model development, product development and company development consulting

After founding, developing and operating for more than 20 years and innovative industrial IT company, I try to pass my knowledge and experience as a mentor and consultant.

Dániel Patkós
UX designer


Website and app UI / UX design

As a fresh graduate designer, I am always interested in innovative, unique solutions. I trust that my knowledge can help Compocity become a successful product.

Her role:

Creating animations, graphics

Although graphics are not my area of ​​expertise, I was happy to work on the project at Emese’s request. I grew up in the countryside, so being close to the nature is vital to me. This project also teaches children in the city the importance of a green environment and helps them to create a more liveable future for themselves.

Luca Fülöp
graphic designer


product development support:

The main aim of the project, the support of the transition towards circular economy is a kind of a
cause that I can gladly assist through Compocity. Applying the holistic approach of product design
starts with the research of user-product interaction, then the ergonomical and technological
development, finally the packaging design I’m participating in various types of design tasks.

Máté Brezovcsik
industrial design engineer