Team of Compocity – photo by Design Terminal 2019

Throughout the project, we collaborated with David on teleworking. It was an interesting and challenging period of time. Meanwhile, my classmates, Lieke and Maryia were my two biggest support. The team has expanded since I moved home. Later on, Zoli got on board and got in charge of preparing the production for David, our CTO. Recently, Dani, who is a key figure in our lives as a UX designer and craftsperson, has joined us. Last but not least, the Design Terminal Mentoring Program is the framework that gives us a community that helps us to grow and expertise to follow the right steps. Thanks to them for our mentor Zsuzsa!

In short, she is our greatest help right now and helps to focus. She shows us how we can build so we can deliver and spread our mission.
If you are interested in our design solution for indoor and outdoor composting, feel free to contact us. We will be coming soon with pictures of the prototype being made!