Our mission

We have set ourselves the vision of a circular economy where we can create a livable environment for ourselves, organized from the basics and in very small steps. By using Compocity, we contribute to shape  the nutrient cycle.

Our aim to deliver the first test smart-green bins to institutions – including schools – by using community funding and develop sustainability with them. We attribute great importance to playful collaboration with children, that not allows the younger generations earn but develops  the Compocity project with them.

After expanding the idea, we are going to look for opportunities and directions future development and partnership. With a talented team behind an innovative idea but lacking practical business knowledge, we turned to the Design Terminal mentor program. In addition to training and personalized mentoring, we went through a lot of improvement. We received much more than we had hoped for. We became part of a valuable community based on secure knowledge sharing and after a one and a half month the idea turned into the MVP model presented on videos. We made tests and so many development, and we expanded ourselves, so the original team of two people has grown to a team of 7 dedicated professionals. 

The two pillars of the concept – green smart bin and related application – now has  transformed into a startup enterprise, which, beyond these two parts, started combining many new elements, such as education, project management – as a service. Our dream is to become a successful partner to corporate and institutional groups. Or even bigger…